Old Camp Peach Pecan Whiskey

750ml Bottle

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    Old Camp
    Florida Georgia Line Distillery
    35% Alcohol
    Lawrenceburg, Indiana

    Old Camp Peach Pecan Whiskey has aged a minimum of two years in white American oak barrels with a No. 3 char and infused with flavors that have deep southern roots. Peach and pecan aroma and notes give the whiskey a deliciously delicious and sweet balanced with hints of caramel and light spice. Old Camp is an easy-drinking whiskey that doesn't sacrifice anything to be smooth. A little bit of Florida, a little bit of Georgia. Tyler & BK pushed the envelope on this one - taking inspiration from their innovative fusion of country, rock, hip-hop, and pop - to create a truly unique whiskey. Old Camp always brings the fun, launching house parties and campfire get-togethers and is ready for any occasion. Enjoy!